Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017

July, 24.  We were packing and organizing trip to Kava-Chelomdja portion of the Reserve.  The idea was to run away from the cyclone, which was about the hit the coast. Ideally we would be at one of the ranger’s stations in position to exploit any weather window. The coast weather was hopeless: fog and high waves.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Attempt to survey the Staritskogo penninsula

Small trip to Staritskogo (unsuccessful )
 On July, 23 2017 we attempted to circumnavigate the Staritskogo peninsula, despite of the rough weather. We have started at the Gertnera bay, while helping folks from the Institute of the Biological Problems of the North to check the islands of 3 brothers at the Staraya Vesyelaya Bay. They had an old 30hp engine, which turned to run only on one cylinder. However they managed to reach the islands and were counting gulls there. Myself and Irina attempted to go around the Staritskogo peninsula, and reached only the Batareynaya bay, where we hit a thick fog and bad head-on wave. The waves were not a big problem, but the fog was, as it was prohibiting to watch for the nests. We came back, managed to fish out drifting colleagues and helped them with carburetor cleaning (they forgot toolbox) and went to check the next at the TEZ (heating plant workers vocation place). This nest was vacated last year, and was non-existent this year. However we found a new nest in 500 m distance and came back (managing to fish out the colleagues again). 
The colleagues took a picture of us. 

The trip also demonstrated the problem of the weather forecasts. The weather snapshot showed favorable winds, so we have chosen the correct bay to start the trip. However it has never predicted the fog. The fog seemed to be formed by a warm katabatic wind which was blowing from the upper atmosphere. If on the terrain there was no fog, as it was warmer, the contact of the downwards warm wind with cool see produced heavy fog which seem to obstruct vision at the sea level. We will face similar conditions all season. While in the boat it was very warm, the fog was really the main obstacle.