Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ice and the eagles

The data from the national Ice and Snow Center for 24 May are plotted together with the Steller's Sea Eagle tracks. The youngster 65620 is indeed icehoping and is currently at the ice edge, whereas the adult 82164 is moving along the ice edges. Which is a bit strange since the eagles have to be on the nests.

Friday, May 28, 2010

A floater?

The adult brid makes a wide flights across the Motykley Bay. Is it a floater?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ice hopping of the youngster

Our young Steller's Sea Eagle spent early May ice hopping in the sea north-east from the Shantar islands. The latest trend based in the doppler locations is that he/she is moving north. The gps fixes are to follow.

Breeding decisions?

The adult was exploring the Motykley Bay during end of April - beginning of May. It flew (seemingly) close to the ice edge, visited many nest sites in Motykley Bay, Spafarieva and Talan Islands and Onatsevicha Bay.

However since 7 May the bird has been lingering on Talan Island about 400 m from the known Steller's Sea Eagle nest (which was the only occupied nest at the island in 2009). Talan Island is a huge breeding place for seabirds including (amongst other things) gulls, kittywakes, puffins, auks, and murres.


Breeding grounds reached!

Our adult reached Motykley Bay (where it was captured in 2009) on 15 April! It is not clear whether it will breed at the presumed breeding site of 2009. Currently the bay is packed with ice, and it might be that this eagle spends time away from the nest site because it is foraging on the edge of the ice.