Monday, October 19, 2009

View of Magadan

Here is the web-cam's view of the Magadan. Currently there is some snow on the mountains.

Below is a graph of temperature

GISMETEO: Weather in Magadan

Adult eagle start migrating

The adult eagle has started it s journey away from the first snowfall on 12 October 2009. In one day it managed to cross over from the Motykley Bay to the Okhota river valley (over 300 Km). For 3 days (and counting) it stayed at the Okhota river valley.

Young eagle is on the move!

The second-year old Steller's Sea Eagle has left the treacherous Okhota river and went south to the Nurki Bay, and currently is near Ayan town. Hope he will pass this place safely.

Adult and young eagle had the same stopover place, but in different time

The adult Steller's Sea Eagle stopped over on the Okhota rive, at the same place, as the young Steller's stayed. The departure of the young eagle coincided with the arrival of the adult eagle. A coincidence?