Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trip around Staritskogo Peninsula

It took me a while to make a new floorboard. Thanks to kind help by Sergei Rudakov who let me use his workshop, the job was done to the highest quality standards. In addition I have made an extension to the transom to support the jet for the river trips.

On Sunday, July 18 we set up to survey the Startitskiy peninsula. The weather was warm (but choppy). We were pleased to find the 3 Steller's Sea Eagles, all with chicks. In addition we found a new nest near the Nedorazumenya Island with 2 chicks. This is a newly built nest, easily accessible to the bears. Hope the chicks will survive.

The front foorboard I made held very well….

The new Yamaha outboard is still in the process of breaking in, but so far has performed well, too…


  1. Did you get the jet adaptor for the old engine to work?

  2. Not yet. I wait for fresh water (river) surveys to do that.

  3. The jet adaptor was set up, and demonstrated great success at the Tauy, Kava and Chelomdja rivers!