Monday, October 18, 2010

Circlular movements of the young eagle

Meanwhile the immature eagle (65629) demonstrated rather strange movements between the Chilchikan and Okhota rivers. In early July it moved from the Okhota river to the seashore around the Chilchikan and Tolmot estuary, where it stayed until September 5. Then it flew back to the Okhota river via the Urak river (September 6), where it stayed at the same place until September 10. Then it made a loop through the tundra surrounding the Okhota river lowlands and then flew back north on September 18. Then the eagle flew back to the Chilickan River, then to the Amerikan River on September 30, and then back to the Okhota River on October 4th. Currently, it is at the same location where it was first noted in July, not far away from the adult. We hope it will fly away from this place before the ice forms.

The snow cover is steady in Magadan from yesterday.

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