Saturday, September 3, 2016

August 9 and 10. Concluding remarks

August 9 and 10. Concluding remarks

It appears that the year was 'average' in some aspects, above average in others.

The river nests produced 26 chicks from 31 territories. We recorded the first successful breeding on the Ola River, the basin of which previously had no chicks/active nests at all. There was no breeding at one of the nests in the Tauy estuary, but another nest had 2 chicks.

The sea coast surveys of routinely surveyed territories, returned 33 productive nests with 46 chicks, which is slightly below the average. We had, however added new territory (southern Koni) to the surveys. We hope to expand monitoring in this area in the future.

The bad news is that gas and oil exploration is set to occur in the area, thus increasing human pressure on the coastal and riverine systems.

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