Monday, November 22, 2010

Uneventful fortnight

It appears that both the adult and young eagles have remained at the same place since the end of October. Both adult and young have chosen to stay on the Kol' river, where the adult visited in early November 2009, and the youngster passed through in May 2010 on his way north.

I have to point out that the youngster come within dangerous proximity of the Belaya Gora gold mine tailing, which is clearly seen on the satellite shot.

Current conditions at the Amur River estuary, some 50 km south are -5 C, suggesting that the river is probably frozen. However there is a chance that there is some fish available at the rapids. The landscape appears to be tundra, with some trees along the river. The GPS points (yellow for adult and red for youngster) indicate that the birds utilize these trees.

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