Sunday, December 12, 2010

Youngster stays, adult goes!

End of Novemrer and beginning of December was a stationary time for our two year old bird. It still remains near the Kol' river. There is complete snow cover now and there were some cyclones. I have checked on the temperature of the PTT on the bird, and it has remained within -7 to +10 C, while ambient temperature at the surrounding meteo stations were in the range of -18 -22 C suggesting that the bird is OK. A close look at the vegetation between the fixes revealed lot of paths between forest bits heading toward the river. No doubt that these are bear runs, and this suggests that the river is full of fish. The question remains if the fish are still available or has ice blocked them from the eagle(s).

The adult set off from the Kol' river on November 23, and on November 25 it crossed the Tatar straight and to Sakhalin Island. Steadily moving along the island the eagle managed to reached the south of the Island by 1 December, where it still remains. Remarkably the trajectory of the eagle is close to that it followed in November 2009. Interestingly this year path is 1 week delayed compared to the previous winter.

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