Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July 26-27. Rain.

July 26-27 was rainy (sometimes heavily), so we stayed at the ranger’s station. There is a resort being built near the ranger’s station (in fact it started some year ago, but now it was acquired by a local businessman, now a local politician).  The camp was threatened to be washed away by the Tauy river, but the team of guest-arbiters from Uzbekistan managed to bring 50 tones of concrete and reinforced the bank. The picture below shows the ranger’s station (small roof on the left), whereas the image dominates by the newly built resort with fresh gravel all over the place, and a new road (not yet connected to the Talon). Small quadrangle sticking into the river is the concrete block built to combat erosion. May be ok for now, but future will tell. 

Image below shows the confluence of the Kava and Chelomdja rivers. Rain clouds are in the top left corner. The storm is over.

At the end of the on July, 27 the rain-clouds were blown away, so we managed to check the close nests at the Omylen, and even flown a long (c. 4 km) mission along the Omylen river. The mission return no nests.  The Kava nest at the confluence of the Omylen was empty.

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