Friday, July 28, 2017

June 28. Ringed (banded) bird.

June, 28.
Early in the morning we set off to check up the Kava river. The river was still high after the recent rain, but far from the flood level.
The Kava trip was un-eventful, nothing special. We did come close to the eagle with the color ring we have reported in 2014 and subsequent years, and managed to get the good reading of it. It was sure “8E, not “8C” as reported earlier. This was a bird marked as a chick at the Tauy river estuary on July, 29, 2007 (with Dave Rimlinger and Mike McGrady). So far this bird produced only one chick (in 2016). The bird was not fitted with the satellite transmitter.

The season, from the eagle’s point of view, was not good. We saw only one chick on the whole river. June surveys done by Irina returned 3 chicks, the near-fledging time surveys had only 1.
We returned back to the ranger’s station late in the evening.

Update: this finding is reported here.

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