Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kava river trip: Is there a chick?

July, 22, 2015

We have arrived at the rangers station located at the confluence of the Kava and Chelomdja rivers. The station has just recovered from the recent flood (http://stellerseaeagle.blogspot.ru/2015/06/meanwhile-irina-utekhina-reported.html). However it appears that the damages were minimal.

In the early morning we set out to the Kava River. Thanks to the June surveys by Irina, we knew about only one productive nest along the river. Upon arrival we found no visible presence of the chick, so we had to fly our quadrocopter. The flight was a bit tricky since the launchpad was located in a thick underbrush. Nevertheless the result was: yes there was a chick. Somewhat younger than we expected, but nevertheless we have a chick!.

But the great surprise was to find that one of the parents was a bird with our ring/band.

More to follow...

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