Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Trip to the Taran Cape and beyond

June 30, 2015.

In the morning we went to the Taran Cape with the intention to go beyond it, towards the Alevina Cape (weather permitting). Accompanied by the filming crew, we went on the reserve’s new seaworthy boat equipped with the 119hp outboard. Manned by the reserve’s rangers, the trip also had several tasks: to intercept potential intruders into the reserve’s waters, check for marine mammals and, naturally, monitor the nests of the Steller’s Sea Eagles.
On the way we saw at least 12 bears (including bear cubs) – the count which is below the average.
Here are our bears:

But the good news was that there were 2 eagles with chicks: during the last two year counts returned 0. One nest was new to us: it was concealed in a narrow gulley, and was not clearly visible from the sea. We climbed along the slope, and had a great view of the nest with the chick. 

Between the Taran and the Perviy Cape we counted 3 eagle nests with chicks, but we were forced to return to the Perviy Cape by the thick fog. The visibility was limited by 50 m or so, so the nests and cliffs were barely visible. However we managed to bump (literally) into a cluster of recreational boats, some of them fishing: a crime in the protected waters.We set off for a battle....

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