Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sad finding. Again...

June 24, 2015. Continued.
We let the filming crew going ahead of us and went by side channels to see the nest, where one of the parents was a windtaged and ringed/banded bird.  The river, as usual, had washed away some islands, made new channels and log jams, but we failed to see the nest. After some deliberations we stopped at a place where the nest should be (by GPS) and started a search on foot.
To our horror we found a  poplar nest tree broken, nest on the ground and the chick was upside down, being pressed to the ground by a branch with  both femur bones broken in multiple places. It was in agony, with clear signs of pain and fear. Sorry, I am hesitant to show more explicit photos of the tragedy.

Both parents were present including our banded/ringed eagle, who, which has evidently lost its wing tag, which was visible 2 years ago.

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