Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Odyan Bay survey: a looong day….Continued..

August 2, 2015.
We got close to the Ola settlement at the time of low tide and had to solve a dilemma: either to wait for the high tide near the Ola lagoon (and get hit by a rain), or continue further towards Magadan ahead of rain. Since I had enough fuel we decided to go further.

We crossed the waters where the Ola river  was entering the sea waters, and immediately solved a long-standing question as to why there are no Steller’s Sea Eagle nests here: the water here was like coffee, and such high water turbidity means that the eagles cannot see fish.

The first nest on this stretch of the coast was a nest that can be seen distantly from Magadan: the so-called TEZ nest, and it has transparent waters below it. The nest had one healthy looking chick.
The Gertnera Bay of Magadan was still under low tide,  there was rain behind us and rain in front, so we continued to move around the Staritskogo peninsula.

In the picture above the rainbow and the wall of rain are located in Odyan bay. A few days later we heard radio reports by the rangers of torrential rain there for 2 day. The picture below shows the rain ahead of us. Brrrr….

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