Friday, August 21, 2015

Trip to the Taran Cape and beyond. Continued: The Dall's porpoise

June 30, 2015.

During our return route we saw a group of the Dall's porpoises . The animals were feeding in the tidal current which was entering the Tauy bay at the Taran Cape. We managed to get few good shots of the dorsal fins, and enjoyed the view.
The appearance of the Dall's porpoises is the first documented one for the Magadan State Nature Reserve. The ‘official’ range of this animals never covered the Magadan sea coast . Maybe the porpoises managed to get closer because of the drift net ban ? In late 1950 the drift net overfishing collapsed the coastal fisheries and caused some of the local villages to disappear. At that time the fishing output plummeted 100 times.
The July Drift Net ban, which was long overdue, is a great victory of the Russian team of the WWF. Well done, guys!

Our route is on the map below.

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