Saturday, August 12, 2017

August, 12. Tauy river (again)

August, 12. Trip to Tauy river.
This year we decided to count all nests along the Tauy river. So we started from the Talon village on a jet boat and went along all stretches of the river. Fish inspection was giving us a strange look, but after some small talk they became more friendly. The trip has had intensive flying schedule. We counted two nests with 2 chicks, 5 nests with 1 chick and 4 occupied nests without chicks. There were many fishing camps along the river and many beeches with many signs of human visitations. Nevertheless the eagles are still present. No nest was found at the estuary. 


Above: somehow the pair managed to raise a chick in this nest.

Above: one of the nests along the Tauy river.

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