Thursday, August 3, 2017

August, 3rd. The Odyan and Koni trip.

August, 3rd. The Odyan and Koni trip.
We set off by car to Ola at about 8 am, and cast off from the Ola lagoon at 10 am with the fist signs of the tide. We were hit by a rapid fog forming by the cliff, so no surveys were done. At the Beringa cape there was no fog, so we managed to survey a small portion of the coast up to the Naydenaya Bay. The area surrounding us was covered by a thick fog (see picture below, depicting a female and a chick in the nest, with Koni coast in the view).

After flying one mission we were hit by very thick for and were forced to take course to the Ploskiy ranger’s station. It was a choppy ride with moisture condensing around everything while the boat was moving across the waves. We arrived to the Ploskiy ranger’s station in civil twilight being greeted by a female bear with two cubs. Luckily, the rangers noticed us and, with the dogs, chased her away. At the time we were unloading I managed to press the wrong button on my satellite tracker, thus sending Marina (in Philly) into a panic mode. In my defense, it has to be said, that I have noticed it soon enough, killed the signal, send “OK” sign and asked the rangers to have an extra radio session with the Magadan headquarters. This was done, and Marina’s midnight call to the assistant director was answered with understanding, that we are safe, warm and out of the water.

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