Sunday, August 6, 2017

August, 6. The Odyan Bay.

August, 6. Odyan Bay.
After a night at the Ploskiy ranger’s station we set off to the Odyan bay. We have had only one shot, as there was a cyclone coming in on the next day, and the storm might lock us off for a week or so. So, we set off in a fog in hope that we might get fog-free sea in the Odyan bay. This, indeed was what happened. After passing the Umara island (no chicks) we surveyed the bay without any problems. This time we flew UAV from the water and even managed to get to the estuaries of rivers. Many nests were surveyed in rather foggy environment, so return of the drone to the boat was somewhat cumbersome.

In total we have found 9 occupied nests, two with 2 chicks, 4 with one, and 3 without any chicks. This portion was not surveyed in June.

Above: a new nest with 2 chicks close to the estuary of a river flowing into the Odyan Bay. Previously we were not able to reach the nest due to treacherous bay at low tide.
In the late evening, almost in the darkness we arrived back to the Ola bay with the beginning of high tide.

We entered the Ola lagoon at the civil twilight in complete fog. Thanks to the GPS we managed to find the needed straight via the Ola lagoon islands.  
We came to Magadan after midnight.

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