Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Augusty 8. The Motykley bay.

August, 8. At 6 am we set off from the city heading for the ferry crossing. We reached it at 8:30 am and crossed the river at 9am. At 11-40 we set off from Balagannoe and sped up to the “Rotten corner” which we planned to survey at the high tide. We did fly a drone mission in the “rotten corner” for the first time in the history, and now we know the exact position of all active, abandoned, destroyed nests in the area. We flew the mission from the water and even managed to get out for the ‘corner’ in right time, only to dry out in proximity of the entrance to the ‘rotten bay’. Only 1 bear was spotted nearby, and it never saw us. The high tide lift us in the early evening, so we went off to the Talan Island for a night. We came to Talan in late evening, so nobody spotted us. So we had to lift the boat onto the shore without extra help.

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