Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August, 9. The Talan Island

August, 9. Next morning we left Talan in fog, hoping to get good visibility at the shoreline. Indeed, at the Motykley bay we had excellent visibility, and surveyed most part of it without problems. However, on the coastline facing the Talan island we hit some fog. Some nests were surveyed in very poor visibility risking to loose the drone. At the Cape Gavantsa we hit thick fog, but it was the endpoint of the survey anyway. On the way back the fog started to lift up at the coastal cliffs, so we double-check the portions of the coast which was covered with complete fog.  We did manage to get around the Onatsevicha cape checking all nests and arrived to Balagannoe on the wave of coming tide in late evening.  We came to town by night.
It total this portion of the coast returned 7 nests with 2 chicks, 10 nests with 1 chick, two occupied nests without chicks. Talan island had 2 active nests with 2 and 1 chicks.

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