Sunday, August 13, 2017

August, 13. The Ola nest.

August, 13. Ola nest.
This day we visited a nest near Ola town. The nest was visited in the previous year, with drone flights. This time the nest was visited by Irina in June. The female was evidently on eggs and was not eager to stand up. In august the flights revealed 3 chicks (the first ever successful nest with three chicks on rivers).

Dr. Irina Utekhina lifting up the drone for nest inspection. The nest is in the background.

Photos: The Ola town nest in 2016 (above) and 2017 (below). It gives some hope that the Steller’s Sea eagles might co-exist with humans.

Arrows at the image below show 2 drones, picture was taken from the third. The parents were nearby and did not react to drones (people were 0.7 km away).

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