Saturday, August 5, 2017

August, 5. The Koni peninsula survey

August, 5th.
We set off from the Ploskiy ranger’s station to check the coast of the Koni peninsula. Using seaworthy boat of the Magadan Reserve, we hoped for the best. We have counted on a good weather, but unfortunately, the thick fog made the survey beyond the Taran Cape un-practical. The waves were tolerable, but the fog has made visibility less than 50 m. While in-route we found 4 nests with 1 chick each, One new nest which has had one chick had 2 chicks according to Irina surveys in June. The southern coast of the Koni in June had 5 nests with chicks (including 2 with 2 chicks).
The portion of the coast between the Ploskiy and Taran capes returned 17 bears. Seemingly, all creeks have had enough pink salmon. We also had a good aerial footage of the survey. Most of the UAV flights were done in severe fog.

Above: Cape Skatistiy from the air. Below, the Taran Cape.

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