Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 1st, Magadan

August 1st, Magadan

The entire day was spent in Magadan. I had to prepare our inflatable boat for the sea trips. Last year it was washed with fresh water, so the salt won't interfere with glue. This time I had to apply some patches. A minor work.

Meanwhile the town of Magadan is getting close to a new era. The water treatment plant was about to start its operation. However the rumours were a bit premature. The scheduled opening which was planned for August, 3, has been postponed till September.

So, the city of Magadan continues to dump waste water into the Gertnera Bay. To be benefit of some plankton. Currently, the pipe which dumps untreated waste waters into the Gertnera Bay of the sea of Okhotsk makes a fountain visible from the space.

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