Monday, August 22, 2016

August, 2. Trip to the Koni Penninsula

August, 2. Trip to the Koni Penninsula

Early on a foggy morning we came to the Ola lagoon and started to board the Reserve's speedboat destined for the Ploskiy Ranger's station. The station (and the boat) is positioned to protect the Koni Peninsula portion of the Magadan State Nature Reserve and its coastline. The latter is very attractive to the growing body of the Magadan boat owners because this is the place where you can catch a lot of good sized halibut. We loaded our inflatable with all supplies and equipment, and, slightly overloaded, went off with the coming tide.

In an hour and a half we arrived to the Ploskiy ranger's station and managed to unload the boat right at the station, having arrived precisely at high tide.

The station now boasts a new summer kitchen built earlier this summer and a newly laid foundation for a scientific lab. Step in right direction, Reserve!

This photo was taken through the window of the new kitchen.

There was only a small amount of pink salmon in the river so the bears were not as numerous as in the past year(s).

Nevertheless the creek estuary was packed with seals and gulls, as per usual.

We stayed for the rest of the day at the Ploskiy range's station, as we helped deliver a big barrel of fresh water. It was dropped from a friend's fishing vessel some distance from the coast, and we towed it to the station. Hard manual labour.

By the end of the day we prepared for the trip along the coasts of the Koni in the reserve's boat.

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