Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August, 5. The Ola nest.

August, 5. The Ola nest.

After barely managing to get our equipment in order (to dry boat, service the outboard, etc), and a short time for sleep, I went to the Ola lagoon to pick up the car we left there and to pay a visit to a new Steller's Sea Eagle nest at the bank of the Ola river. To the date (apart of unsupported rumours) we did not know about any nests at the Ola river. Intensive agriculture and too many people were to be blamed. However this time it was a sure thing. The nest was found by our colleague, Dr. Igor Dorogoi. However he was not able to see the inside the nest.

I was accompanied by Laria Zelenskaya, also a fellow ornithologist at the Institute of the Biological Problems of the North, Russian Academy of Sciences.

We arrived to a spot amidst the agricultural fields and saw a nest if full glory. It was located at the forested edge of the field not far away from the river bank. I deployed a drone to see the landscape and surrounding area. After all this is the first nest on the Ola river for many years, and it is in the full view of the Ola town. The drone mission returned a visual of 2 healthy chicks and no adults in sight.

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