Thursday, August 11, 2016

July, 31. Downstream the Chelomdja river.

July, 31. Downstream on the Chelomdja river.

We set off early in the morning, making stops at every known nest. We have made several drone flights, and also got a nice video footage of the adults at a nest with one chick. We simply left the camera running at the river’s gravel bar, and went upstream for lunch.

In total the Chelomdja River had 4 productive nests with one chick each, and a total of 7 occupied territories.

At the end of the day we arrived to the Centralniy ranger’s station. It was Sunday, and the rangers were on high alert as there was a lot of cars with boats downstream on the border of the nature reserve, and they worried that poachers would enter the reserve for fish.

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