Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July 24. A short trip to the Odyan Bay.

July 24. A short trip to the Odyan Bay.

In the morning, I joined a weekend family trip of old friends of mine, Irina and Sergey Rudakov's on their giant speedboat. Powered with twin engines totalling 500 hp, we went from the Ola lagoon to the Naydenaya bay through the appalling weather. The fog and low clouds prevented me seeing the eagle nests, but I managed to check some of them. The pair at the Naidenaya bay managed to get some neighbors: we saw some displays and heard loud vocalizations by both pairs, and both pairs used their wings in demonstrating the demarcation line between their territories. Unfortunately, no nests had chicks.

A further sortie towards the Melkovodnaya bay returned no good nest views. On the way back we had to wait for darkness and the rising tide, and came into the lagoon using GPS. The complete fog added to the fun.


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