Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August, 1st: The Tauy river and flying with the eagles

August, 1st: The Tauy river

On the following day we went downstream along the mighty Tauy River to the Talon settlement.

Only one pair along this stretch of the river had a productive nest, so we had to check it thouroughly.

That is the case, where the drone application was warranted. The nest was on top of the dominating poplar tree, about 500 from the river and no vantage point to observe the inside nest.

I took off the drone from the gravel shallow bank and flew towards the nest. Initially I overshot and had to go back to the nest with the camera pointing down. After locating the nest I set the drone in a good position to see the nest, and to my surprise I saw through the an adult bird prey to the nest. The bird put the fish (yes, it was headless coho salmon) on the nest, and took off. Then the second bird arrived, and sat on a branch next to the nest. I clearly head some vocalization of the eagle, and then I had to retreat as the battery indicator went low. The images taken by the camera were amazing.

At the lunch time we were at the Talon village, and after a customary visit to the local meteo station to get the flood data we set off to Magadan.

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