Tuesday, August 9, 2016

July, 29. The Khuren spawning grounds.

July, 29. The Khuren spawning grounds.
On the July, 29 we set off upstream along the Chelomdja river. This is a fast river with braided channels with lot of log jams. We blazed along the river observing the nests within the sight and stopping by 2 ranger’s station. The ranger’s station called the Moldot is located far away from the river, so the ranger’s had to leave the boat far away from the cabins. Few days ago the ranger’s boat went missing. The ranger blamed a bear who chewed a rope. We met the ranger at the rendezvous point and he explained to us what to look up when we will go downstream.

We went up to the Khuren spawning grounds and find no fish in the channels. This means that either the coho salmon has hot arrived yet, or it was over fished in the lower part of the river. Nevertheless the flight above the nest there revealed one chick.

The nest at the Khuren spawning grounds.

We have checked another nest downstream from the Khuren spawning ground and found one chick there.  

For the night we stopped by the Kheta ranger’s station, and stayed there for 2 nights and one day.

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