Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Season of 2016 is on

July 23. The team has been assembled.

I arrived in Magadan on Friday, July, 23. Irina Utekhina has already arrived from her vacation. Immediately after arrival, I paid a visit to the boat inspection office and arranged the seaworthiness certificate for our inflatable dingy. To my surprise I found there a former Magadan Nature Reserve ranger, who is now the marine inspector. This encounter sped up the procedures dramatically.

By the evening I had made some plans for a sea trip, however the forecast was not good.

Magadan city was, evidently, very similar to the town I left last summer. However' there is a small revolution brewing: the high speed internet cable has reached the town. Although currently price-prohibitive, nevertheless it has made a huge impact on breaking Magadan's isolation.

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