Thursday, August 18, 2016

August, 1st. Retrurn to Magadan. Part A.

August, 1st. Retrurn to Magadan. Part A.

The trip to Magadan was rather trivial. We stopped by the ferry at the Yana river, and had to wait there in a queue for quite a while.

There was a local milk vendor was selling some milk, home-made farmer's cheese and fresh-baked buns. Excellent taste. Her local nickname was the "Millionaire".

She lives in this cabin, one third of which is occupied by a processing shop, one third, as the cooling unit suggests, by a large freezer.

She has 4 cows that graze of the salt marshes, and hires a local guy who is not drunk.

Occasionally for milk delivery she uses this taxi. For simplicity the hood is missing, so are the number plates. An antenna, attached to nothing makes a strong impression. The doors are closed with ropes from outside. The windows are replaced by plastic. Safety first!.  Unfortunately the owner got a flat tire, and had to walk home by foot. Inner tubes for Russian-made cars are in short supply. Majority of the fleet in Magadan and district is Japanese (with tube-less tires, I have to say).

On the ferry we also saw a famous off-road vehicle GAZ-66, which was converted into a bus. What an ultimate off-road vehicle. Note a snorkel on the roof. It can go across all rivers in the region.

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